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Warrant Service and Execution
Civil Process
The Civil Process section is responsible for the execution of civil processes and mandates of the courts. This task is accomplished through the service of income and property executions, eviction notices and a variety of other civil summonses, processes and complaints received from Nolan County Courts, attorneys, and Nolan County residents.

For information about having your documents served, contact Deputy at or visit the Nolan County Sheriff's Office during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.). You can also mail your documents with the service fee included to the Nolan County Sheriff's Office, located at , Sweetwater, Texas 79556.

Fees and Fee Schedule

Fees for service must be paid in advance. Use the Fee Schedule below to determine the correct civil fees for service. Fees are set by state statute and county. Any refund due will be noted on your statement mailed with the Sheriff's affidavit of service or non-service. The County Treasurer mails refunds once each month.
Pursuant to Local Government Code 118.131, it is ordered by the Court that the Sheriff and Constables of Nolan County are to charge the following fees for service or attempted service:
$75.00   Summons
$175.00   Writ of Attachment - with transport to another jurisdiction - add up to $700.00
$175.00   Writ of Attachment (Property)
$125.00   Writ of Garnishment
$125.00   Writ of Sequestration
$125.00   Writ of Re-Entry
$175.00   Order of Sale
$175.00   Writ of Possession
$85.00   Subpoena - Civil (issued five days or less before court date)
$75.00   Subpoena - Civil (issued more than five days before court date)
$75.00   Citation by Publication
    Service Fees
$75.00   Justice Court Citation
$75.00   All other Court Citations
    Other Service Fees
$45.00   Citation by Posting
$15.00   Sheriff's Jury Fee
$75.00   Show Cause Order
$175.00   Writ of Execution
$175.00   Writ not otherwise provided for
$50.00   Livestock Estray Fee
$15.00   Bail Bond Fee

* All out of state service will have an additional notarization fee of $10.00

All fees are effective as of January 1, 2015

Service of Process

Attempted services of papers are based upon the information you provide. Received documents are processed and sent out for service as quickly as workload and staff resources allow. All documents received are treated with due diligence. There are NO provisions for 'expedited service'.

Check Status of Your Process

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