The Jail Division is under the direction of Jail Administrator Brenda Watts and is staffed by a Jail Sergeant, and 16 jail officers. The jail staff is the single largest component of the Nolan County Sheriff's Office, and is responsible for the care, custody, and control of up to 54 inmates.

Designed as a maximum-security jail located within the walls of the Nolan County Courthouse, it was built to house up to 54 inmates. The facility contains a gym, and eleven housing units, including an observation unit. The housing units contain inmate and barracks-style "pods" that include beds, a common use toilet, a general-purpose day room area with metal tables and stools, and a shower area. Male and or female inmates who require full-time supervision care are housed in the observation unit.

The Nolan County Jail holds a current Certificate of Compliance with the the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

Recent advancements in the jail consist of Inmate Commissary and Securus telephone systems as well as an AFIS fingerprint & palm print system.

Beyond the Myths, The Jail In Your Community

The following is an excellent and very informative video that was made and produced by the National Institute of Corrections. It provides a foundation for the efforts of sheriff's and jail administrators to inform the public about jails generally, their jails specifically, and the need for community interest in and discussion about their own local jail. The video may also be useful in educating prospective jail employees about local detention. The video was converted to the Microsoft "wms" format by the San Diego Sheriff's Department's Data Services Division with the permission of the NIC. It is recommended that you have the latest version of the Windows media player from Microsoft, in order to view the video.

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Did You Know?

The current Nolan County Jail has been overcrowded for the past twelve (12) + years and the excess prisoners are typically housed in the Taylor County, Runnels County or Garza County jails.

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