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Livedex Livestock Registry
The Nolan County Sheriff's Office utilizes a free service known as Livedex Livestock Registry or just "Livedex" that allows deputies to quickly locate, identify and contact livestock owners in the event of a stray.

Livedex was developed to better serve the citizens of Nolan County so that time could be used more efficiently on narcotics interdiction and our continued fight on burglaries and property thefts, thus allowing deputies to spend more time on patrol, and less time trying to locate owners, putting stray livestock back into a fenced enclosure, or impounding stray livestock due to failure to locate an owner.

The Nolan County Sheriff's Office is encouraging livestock owners to call and register today to start utilizing Livedex. The service is free and the information collected will be classified, stored in a secure device and will only be used by the office to locate and identify livestock owners; it will not be shared or disseminated to any private agency or entity.

Information collected would include your first and last name, physical address, phone number(s), and the address or location of livestock as well as the type.

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