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Off-Duty Services
Deputies are available for private hire during their off-duty hours at the request of citizens, organizations and businesses. These deputies can assist the community by providing professional law enforcement services relating to crowd control and security at construction sites, private events and social celebrations. Based upon the size or type of event, the Sheriff's Office may require additional deputies be hired to ensure the safety of deputies and civilians.

To hire an off-duty deputy, simply contact Patrol Sergeant at or visit the Nolan County Sheriff's Office at , Sweetwater, Texas 79556.

The Sheriff's policy is that requests be submitted in a timely manner. It could take up to three (3) days to finalize the request for off-duty employment. Payment to the deputy is expected prior to beginning the shift for short term jobs. If you do not have a specific deputy in mind, the position will be posted agency wide to make it available to all qualified deputies.

The Nolan County Sheriff's Office reserves the right to refuse or cancel off-duty work assignments that are in conflict with the law or values of the Sheriff's Office. Furthermore, the Sheriff's Office may recall the deputies for official duty when necessary for community safety.

Rates for off-duty Services, $25.00/hour - four hours or more (minimum rate)

Nolan County Sheriff's Office

Sweetwater, Nolan County, Texas 79556
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