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Community Involvement
Reserve Deputy Program
Under the leadership of Chief Deputy and Patrol Sergeant , the reserve section is a volunteer organization of licensed peace officers under the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) who by day work in their respective careers. In their off-hours, they volunteer their time and knowledge, providing the Nolan County Sheriff's Office with additional law enforcement resources to better serve the citizens of Nolan County. Deputies in this section can work independently or with a partner, depending on their designation, experience, and training. Prior to being released for individual patrol, each deputy is required to successfully complete a mandatory probationary training program. Deputies with significant law enforcement experience are afforded an opportunity to complete an accelerated program.

These deputies have peace officer powers while on duty, in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas and have the same powers of arrest as regular full-time deputies.

All reserve candidates are required by law to meet the same hiring standards and comply with the same general orders and training requirements as full-time deputies. All NCSO Deputies (full-time & reserve) are required to comply with certain continuing education requirements and attend training as directed by the Sheriff and supervisory staff.

The Nolan County Sheriff's Office provides uniforms and leather gear for reserve deputies assigned to uniform services.

Requirements to become a Reserve Deputy:

Must fill out an Application of Employment
Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application
Must be in good physical and mental health
Must possess a valid Texas driver's license
Must possess a United States High School diploma or G.E.D. equivalent
United States Citizenship required
Must not have history of criminal or improper personal condu that may affect suitability for police work
Must pass criminal background check

For more information about becoming a Reserve Deputy, please contact the Nolan County Sheriff's Office at .

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