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Release from Custody
Inmates held in the Sheriff's Office jail system may be released for a number of reasons. The circumstances of an inmate's arrest, the type of release involved, and the release schedule of the facility where the inmate is housed, all determine the time of day at which the release from custody will occur.

Arrest for "Public Intoxication"
Individuals who are arrested for public intoxication will be released when it is determined that they will be able to care for their own safety. That period of time may vary with each individual, with a six hour minimum.

Failure to Arraign
All individuals who are arrested must be taken to court that is, "arraigned" within 48 hours of the time of arrest; 72 hours for felonies, excluding Sundays and holidays. If the applicable hours expires at a time when the court is not in session, the time shall be extended to include the duration of the next court date. Anyone who is not arraigned within this time frame will be released from custody without further delay.

Charges Dropped
Any individual who has been arrested may be released from custody by the arresting agency if it is determined that there are insufficient grounds for prosecuting the individual. Authorization for this type of release may come from the arresting agency at any time during the forty-eight hours preceding the arraignment, and the time of the release will vary accordingly.

Court-Ordered Releases
The court may order an inmate to be released from custody at any time if the judge deems this to be the appropriate course of action.

Time Served Releases
Inmates will be released from custody when they have completed their sentence. A "Time Served" release will occur on the final day of the served sentence, release times vary accordingly.
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